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Angst Reaching Critical Levels: Housekeeping and Decision Fatigue






Hi! I was reading through your suggestions about dealing with the problem of dirty dishes and I was wondering if you had ever done a similar post…

This may be the single most helpful thing that I haven’t fully read. 

(Shut up. I slept 3 hours last night and my eyes started drying out half way through trying to read it all but I got enough of the gist to know it’s awesome.)

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The six Wal-Mart heirs possess more wealth than the bottom 40% of families in this country. Or, in other words, six surrealistically-rich people who say they can’t provide decent wages or benefits for their workers have more wealth than roughly 160 million other Americans combined. Much of that Wal-Mart wealth is directly attributable to the ways U.S. taxpayers subsidize the Wal-Mart labor pool, offer tax breaks, and tilt the playing field so that so much wealth flows into those few hands. Six people. Think about that, if your own head isn’t too far up your nether orifice, then think of the people and policies that created such disparity.

—Jaime O’Neil, 12 Signs America Is Insane (via voguedissent)

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We’re not going to be disrespected, We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.

— Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN), quoted by the Washington Examiner, on the government shutdown. (via wilwheaton)

Swear to gods this WILL be me. I’m gonna have a BLAST being the most inappropriate old woman EVER.

Swear to gods this WILL be me. I’m gonna have a BLAST being the most inappropriate old woman EVER.

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gallopingtormaunt asked: Hey there hey hi how you doing personwonderfulperson? I hope you're doing all right, I'm better now than I was most of the summer. Hugs and here's hoping for your thriving!

Hi hi hi!

It’s nice to see you back on Tumblr…missed you while you were scarce :)

I’m okay…surviving at least. Somehow I ended up president of my son’s school’s PTA & that job hits every single one of my anxiety triggers - that’s been a challenge. Think I’m going to have to get my anxiety meds upped just to deal with it :/  Hope you are doing well!